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Tips for Handling a Breakup When You’re the One Left Behind

Breaking up is never easy. In one’s teens a breakup can seem like the end of the world, however, as one gets older they seem to become even more difficult, and a lot harder to bounce back from. The reason for this may be that as one ages, they often make better choices as to who would make an appropriate partner. Thoughts shift from just having fun, to building a life together. The following tips are designed to help exes get over a breakup.

Don’t Look Back

Don’t call your ex, or get together for a day or so. It can be tempting to call the person, because they are familiar, or you’re feeling lonely. However, temporary reconciliations are not good for either of you. Remember why the breakup happened, and stay strong.

Have Faith in Yourself

You can do this, you just have to believe in yourself. It hurts and it can seem like it will never stop, but it will. As with all grief there are stages that one must go through, eventually, the acceptance stage sets in, and it hurts less.

Set Goals

Put the time after a breakup to good use by setting life goals. Focus on the future and where you want to be in a year, five years, or even beyond. It’s the perfect time to realize that you don’t need a partner in order to have a life.

Lean on Friends

Some days are more difficult than others. On the hard days lean on friends and loved ones to help you through. Get together for lunch, see a movie, or go shopping. Just keeping the mind busy with activities can help you over the rough patch.

Learn from Others

Talk to others who have recently been through a breakup to see what helped them cope. Check out websites such as,, to take advantage of expert advice from those who have been through it, and not only survived, but came back happier than before.

Keep these tips in mind to help battle the breakup blues. It’s not easy, but remember that eventually, you come through to the other side where happiness is waiting. Until then lean on others, stay busy, and stay strong.