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End a Trip to Brazil

When I was there, I stayed in a hostel called Walk on the Beach Hostel, which is by far the best hostel I ever stayed in. Why you ask? because of the amazing people the worked and stayed there! I’ll put it to you this way, the first night there, I met a group of 8 people. One was American, one was Swiss, a couple of Swedish, two Brazilians, an Australian and an Argentinian. We hit the clubs right away and the way the night ended was with all of us floating on Copacabana beach, watching the sun rise. How amazing is that?!? All of us became the best of friends instantly. We ended up traveling to the Iguazu falls, partied on the streets of Rio, relaxed in Florianopolis, explored the jungle in Manaus and celebrated the new years in the most incredible party the world over!

The true spectacle of the trip, however came on the last day. Trying to figure out a way to end this amazing trip, my new friends and I did the unthinkable and set Brazil off with a HUGE bang! We went Skydiving! I would never consider ending a trip such as this one in similar fashion, but we had to put a solid stamp on what had been the time of all our lives! I mean at one point, when we were up in the clouds about to jump, It was like we were gods looking at the most exciting city in world from an altitude of 3000 meters! When we started our ascent, it was dusk and the sun cast the most amazing red-orange glow from the horizon on this beautiful city. For the first time, I was seeing Rio the way it was meant to be seen…as a red hot, steamy metropolis, bursting with life and excitement as intense as the sun!