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Brazil Adventure

Brazilian Road Conditions

Visitors in Brazil should be aware of the fact that Brazil is a developing country and has a fair share of poorly maintained roads. Pot holes and bumpy surfaces are common in municipal areas. When travelers search for hotels during Brazil holidays, they should avoid driving at night outside of cities.


Although tourist have a low risk of becoming victims of violent crimes, they should still be aware of their surroundings. Pick pockets, thieves and muggers are common and usually prey on easy targets. Visitors should avoid areas at night, expensive jewelry and political events, which can become violent.

Brazil is a thrilling Latin American country that does not deserve the bad reputation that it gets. The country is full of extremes and potential. This should not deter travelers from visiting, however caution should be taken. Travelers can use the information from this guide to enjoy their Brazil holidays.

All Brazilian cities are endlessly fascinating and forever thronging with life and energy. It is, however, Sao Paulo that’s the country’s largest city, and a trip to this vibrant megalopolis must be among the most popular of all Brazil holidays.

Sao Paulo is a city of endless contradictions, and no matter what a visitor is interested in – be it museums or nightclubs or theme parks – they will find it here. One of the most interesting museums in the city is the Museu de Arte Sacra, or Museum of the Sacred Arts, which specializes in religious artifacts, but the Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo, with its sculpting and painting treasures, also deserves special mention and several visits.