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About Salvador Carnival Brazil

The best time to take Brazil vacations is Carnival! And the best place to enjoy Carnival is Salvador da Bahia, where anything goes. Carnival in Bahai is not a matter of nubile, scantily-clad women wearing feathers on top of floats like in Rio’s Carnival. It’s a matter of you doing your thing in the streets til you drop of exhaustion. Rio’s Carnival is less than a kilometer of grandstand-lined street Rua Marques de Sapucai but Bahia’s Carnival is kilometers and kilometers of streets packed with people, not to mention blocks and blocks of stands. Bahia’s Carnival has two parts: there is a parade consisting of trio electricos, which are semitrailors loaded with sound equipment with bands playing on top and also the barracas. The trios electricos parade moves slowly along two circuits, one near the city center from Campo Grande (Salvador’s central park) to the Praca Castro Alves; and the other circuit running from along the Ocean from Barra to Ondina. They are called trios because the first trio in 1950 was a 1929 Ford with two musicians and a driver. The trios are the base of the blocos, which are groups of paraders arrayed in similar getups usually consisting of shorts and a t-shirt. You must join a cheap all inclusive bloco to parade inside the rope lining the streets; the non-bloco members must remain outside the roped off areas surrounding the trios. The other part of Bahia’s Carnival consists of the barracas, which have their own sound systems and are scattered all over Salvador, turning the entire city into a huge block party. The barracas are accompanied by vendors of beer and batidas (killer-strength cachaca fruit mixtures).