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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Info of Holidays in Brazil

Outdoor activities

For outdoor activities, particularly walking / hiking / trekking / climbing, mountain biking and kayaking, definitely the Atlantic Rainforest should be your choice. It offers countless historical trails, beautiful deserted and semi-deserted beaches, mangrove and restinga vegetation, rainforest covered mountains of up to 3.000 height meters (Mar /Mantiqueira range), charming rivers, waterfalls and pools, traditional communities and some colonial towns. Additionally, it is easy to access via the Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro international airport.


There are many cave areas in Brazil but in combination with rainforest, the Speleological Province Upper Ribeira / Paranapiacaba (Sao Paulo State), with its fantastic karst landscape and hundreds of limestone caves, is unique. Recommendation: Intervales and PETAR State Park.


Brazil has no Great Barrier Reef and is not a famous diving spot. However, the Fernando de Noronha island in Pernambuco and the dozens of shipwrecks around Ilhabela (Sao Paulo), might be worth a visit.

Wildlife Viewing

When you can stand the heat and the mosquitoes, the Pantanal is the place to be in order to watch, photograph and film animals in their natural habitat. Especially the dry season (winter) is highly recommend, because the flooded areas shrink and the animals have to come out of their shelter in order to access the water. For that purpose, don´t go to the Amazon, you probably will be disappointed. A biologist, who participated in a 7 day rainforest expedition to Pico da Neblina, once told me that he did not see one animal during the whole hike.

  • For birdwatching, visit the Intervales State park, where you easily can observe a different bird species about every 15 minutes.
  • The archipelago of Abrolhos is great place for whale watching during season.
  • When you are in Sao Paulo, Cantareira State Park is an excellent option to see free living monkeys, especially howler monkeys (Alouatta guariba).

Culture and History

Brazil, for sure is a great nature / eco destination but I think it is fair to say that if you come from a culturally rich continent, such as Europe, Brazil, with its young history, in terms of cultural attractions, cannot quite compare. However, the baroque colonial buildings and churches that date back to Brazil´s gold cycle, might be worth a visit. An interesting alternative to combine culture and history with exceptional natural beauty is a visit to the Discovery Coast World Heritage Site in South Bahia or to follow the former gold route (Estrada Real) from the mining areas in Ouro Preto / Diamantinha (Minas Gerais) to the port in Paraty. The Lagamar Complex (Sao Paulo / Parana) offers prehistoric sambaquis, traditional fishing communities (caicaras) and further inland, descendants of African slaves, so – called quilombolas.

Must know about Historic Landmarks of Brazil

Landmark is the Rich Village of Black Gold, known as the Ouro Preto, Vila Rica do Ouro Preto to be exact, it’s history influencing it’s name from being once an old mining town. This wonderful city is located in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. It is famous for it’s spectacular structures. The city preserved it’s complex architecture, it’s churches and buildings with incredible detail and touches of gold. Til today it’s kept preserved with only little touches of modernized city life.

The city of Sao Joao del-Rei is also one of the historic cities located in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. It’s known for it’s many embellished cathedrals and churches. It is also known for it’s famous inhabitants from the past that had an impact in Brazil such as Brazil’s former president Tancredo Neves, their national hero Tiradentes, and the Brazilian cardinal Dom Lucas Moriera Neves.

Congonhas is also a historic town in Brazil, also located in the city of Minas Gerais. One of it’s most famous tours is to the vast sculpture set made by the most well known sculptor in Brazil during it’s colonial age, the Basilica. There you will see statues carved out of cedar wood and soap stones. Many tourists from all over the world and locals come to appreciate the beautiful sculptures and attend religious events held there.

These are only a few of the beautiful historic land marks Brazil contains, and Brazil isn’t only known for this, it is also known for it’s many events with colourful costumes and great food, their passion for futbol, carnivals which occurred once a year and it’s many beautiful beaches. It is also in Brazil that the Amazon river is located, the largest river in the world by mass, basin of approximately 7,050.000 kilo meters, that being 2,729,000 square miles. Because of it’s vastness, it has earned the nick name “the River Sea”. There in the Amazon forest, lives an estimated 5000 different species of fish alone. Brazil is also filled with welcoming, euphoric people, known for their beautiful women and great Samba dance.

End a Trip to Brazil

When I was there, I stayed in a hostel called Walk on the Beach Hostel, which is by far the best hostel I ever stayed in. Why you ask? because of the amazing people the worked and stayed there! I’ll put it to you this way, the first night there, I met a group of 8 people. One was American, one was Swiss, a couple of Swedish, two Brazilians, an Australian and an Argentinian. We hit the clubs right away and the way the night ended was with all of us floating on Copacabana beach, watching the sun rise. How amazing is that?!? All of us became the best of friends instantly. We ended up traveling to the Iguazu falls, partied on the streets of Rio, relaxed in Florianopolis, explored the jungle in Manaus and celebrated the new years in the most incredible party the world over!

The true spectacle of the trip, however came on the last day. Trying to figure out a way to end this amazing trip, my new friends and I did the unthinkable and set Brazil off with a HUGE bang! We went Skydiving! I would never consider ending a trip such as this one in similar fashion, but we had to put a solid stamp on what had been the time of all our lives! I mean at one point, when we were up in the clouds about to jump, It was like we were gods looking at the most exciting city in world from an altitude of 3000 meters! When we started our ascent, it was dusk and the sun cast the most amazing red-orange glow from the horizon on this beautiful city. For the first time, I was seeing Rio the way it was meant to be seen…as a red hot, steamy metropolis, bursting with life and excitement as intense as the sun!

Brazil Adventure

Brazilian Road Conditions

Visitors in Brazil should be aware of the fact that Brazil is a developing country and has a fair share of poorly maintained roads. Pot holes and bumpy surfaces are common in municipal areas. When travelers search for hotels during Brazil holidays, they should avoid driving at night outside of cities.


Although tourist have a low risk of becoming victims of violent crimes, they should still be aware of their surroundings. Pick pockets, thieves and muggers are common and usually prey on easy targets. Visitors should avoid areas at night, expensive jewelry and political events, which can become violent.

Brazil is a thrilling Latin American country that does not deserve the bad reputation that it gets. The country is full of extremes and potential. This should not deter travelers from visiting, however caution should be taken. Travelers can use the information from this guide to enjoy their Brazil holidays.

All Brazilian cities are endlessly fascinating and forever thronging with life and energy. It is, however, Sao Paulo that’s the country’s largest city, and a trip to this vibrant megalopolis must be among the most popular of all Brazil holidays.

Sao Paulo is a city of endless contradictions, and no matter what a visitor is interested in – be it museums or nightclubs or theme parks – they will find it here. One of the most interesting museums in the city is the Museu de Arte Sacra, or Museum of the Sacred Arts, which specializes in religious artifacts, but the Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo, with its sculpting and painting treasures, also deserves special mention and several visits.