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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Info about Hotel Accommodation in Brazil

Among the beautiful cities of Brazil are Sao Paulo, Manaus, Rio de Janeiro, Florianopolis, Recife, Galinhas, Natal, Buzios, Belem, and Brasilia, which is the capital city of Brazil. Brasilia is a true spectacle for its architectural buildings. However, each and every city has its own beauty.

Rio de Janeiro is the most well-known tourist destination in Brazil. During samba parade and carnival, Rio de Janeiro comes to life. Copacabana as well as Ipanema beaches are also popular vacation spots. There are a lot of white sand beaches in this place. Tourists from different parts of the world visit this place to witness the gorgeous pristine beaches and spectacular holidays and festivals. Although the white sand beaches are surrounded by residential areas, still you can find cheap hotel deals in the area. The customer service is very guest oriented and you can obtain world class facilities even though the hotels are of middle price.

During your stay in Rio de Janeiro for the festival, do not forget to see the Corcovado Mountain to discover the Statue of Christ. You can also visit Maracana Stadium, Sugar Loaf Mountain and journey on the Sepetiba bay. There are many tropical islands that you must not forget to visit to see various wildlife and exotic birds. Imperial Museum, crystal palace and Petropolis are all day tips and visitors can put in a single cheap hotel while spending your holiday in this place.

Brazil has an excellent weather as it is continually sunny throughout the year. It means there is no need for you to worry regarding timing your holiday. You can visit Brazil any day and anytime you want. When it comes to food, Brazil provides various dishes that are exceptional in the area. Brazilian food is a flourishing representation of all the influences and cultures that Brazil has.

If you are looking for air tickets and want to witness the lovely places in this city, all you have to do is to book online for your hotel accommodation. A lot of hotel deal websites offer big discounts on their hotel accommodations. Through the internet, it is now easier to reserve cheap hotels deals right at the comfort of your home. Worry no more regarding expensive hotel accommodations as all you need to do is make a proper research to find out about all the cheap accommodations offered with discount deals.

Roundabout Route To Brazil

First, I had to go to the consulate nearest my principal residence, in Fort Lauderdale, which is why I went to the consulate in Miami. Applications are accepted by mail, but the turnaround time is at least one month, which was too long for this trip. So I made sure to show up at the consulate at the requisite hour – applications are accepted only between 10 a.m. and noon on weekdays – with my U.S. passport, a set of recent photos, a letter from my firm explaining the purpose of my trip and $161 in cash. I fed the cash into an ATM-like machine in the consulate lobby. The machine regurgitated a receipt, which completed the necessary paperwork.

After dropping off the papers, I then had to wait five days before returning to the consulate, precisely in the designated time period of 3-4 p.m. on a weekday, to pick up my passport with the newly affixed visa.

The entire process is a pain in the tuchas, a word which, while neither English nor Portuguese, is understood by speakers of both. It would be easy to blame the Brazilians for this inconvenience. It would also be wrong.

My need for a visa, and the $161 price tag (less a $1 dollar service fee to the Banco do Brasil), is the result of policies rooted in Washington, not Brasília. If I were visiting Brazil from any European Union country, or from a long list of other nations including Israel, Romania, Russia and Turkey, I could have entered with no visa at all. The United States, however, has refused to include Brazil in its own visa-waiver program, which allows leisure and business travelers to come to America for up to 90 days with only their home country’s passport, as long as they do not accept employment during their visit. Brazil’s visa policy is simply a mirror of our own. As soon as we drop our visa requirement for Brazilians, Brazil will open its borders to Americans.

From an American viewpoint, Brazil is easily the most politically compatible of the four rapidly developing BRIC countries.(The other three are Russia, India and China.) Brazil also has a Gross Domestic Product of $2.2 trillion, making it the sixth-largest economy in the world. But despite Brazil’s proximity compared to the growing Asian economies, the United States continues to hold the country at a diplomatic distance.

About Salvador Carnival Brazil

The best time to take Brazil vacations is Carnival! And the best place to enjoy Carnival is Salvador da Bahia, where anything goes. Carnival in Bahai is not a matter of nubile, scantily-clad women wearing feathers on top of floats like in Rio’s Carnival. It’s a matter of you doing your thing in the streets til you drop of exhaustion. Rio’s Carnival is less than a kilometer of grandstand-lined street Rua Marques de Sapucai but Bahia’s Carnival is kilometers and kilometers of streets packed with people, not to mention blocks and blocks of stands. Bahia’s Carnival has two parts: there is a parade consisting of trio electricos, which are semitrailors loaded with sound equipment with bands playing on top and also the barracas. The trios electricos parade moves slowly along two circuits, one near the city center from Campo Grande (Salvador’s central park) to the Praca Castro Alves; and the other circuit running from along the Ocean from Barra to Ondina. They are called trios because the first trio in 1950 was a 1929 Ford with two musicians and a driver. The trios are the base of the blocos, which are groups of paraders arrayed in similar getups usually consisting of shorts and a t-shirt. You must join a cheap all inclusive bloco to parade inside the rope lining the streets; the non-bloco members must remain outside the roped off areas surrounding the trios. The other part of Bahia’s Carnival consists of the barracas, which have their own sound systems and are scattered all over Salvador, turning the entire city into a huge block party. The barracas are accompanied by vendors of beer and batidas (killer-strength cachaca fruit mixtures).

Charter For Cheap Flight to Brazil

The charter plane is more often than not taking vacationers to a beach resort or such-like. The passengers have paid for a vacation, but you only want the flight, right? The good news is charter companies hate empty seats and they often sell vacant seats for massive discounts.

I have in fact used a charter flight to Brazil and it only cost me $450 for a round trip. I was only going one-way, but still purchased the ticket as it was worth forfeiting the return flight (since then I have discovered an even cheaper way, but more on that later). The message then, is clear, when you are thinking of looking for a cheap Brazil flight, think charter, as it is a real opportunity to buy discounted tickets.

Here are some of the airports in Brazil which have regular charters from the USA and Europe (the airport code is in brackets).

Of course, Rio de Janeiro (GIG), but places on these flights are snapped up quickly, don’t dawdle.

Other airports to consider; Salvador (SSA), Florianopolis (FLN,) Joao Pessoa (JPA), Natal (NAT) , Recife (REC), Fortaleza (FOR).