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South America Vacation

Sightseeing at the Iguaza Falls

The Iguaza Falls in South America is something that must certainly not be missed. One of the best things about these waterfalls geographically it that they lie in three countries-Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay-though they cover only a distance of 2 miles. This is actually not a single waterfall but a group of smaller ones. The waterfalls themselves and the canyon that they drop into are something nature created after a lot of thought.

Rock Climbing in Brazil

Brazil has some steep slopes for the avid mountaineer as well as gentle ones for people who are just beginning to learn mountain climbing. The Brazilian government has long understood the attraction its mountains holds and has made mountaineering here an organized activity. Apart from the thrill this sport can give, there’s also the mesmerizing scenery of the area that holds the tourists’ attraction.

Hiking and Trekking in Chile

The best place to hike and trek in Chile is the Lake Region, where you can see 12 large and beautiful

Exotic Vacations to Brazil

Brazil, for instance, has so much to offer. And you may not even realize all that you can do there. From the eastern coast with Costa do Sauipe to the west side, there is something in between that large mass of land for anyone who wants to learn or have fun or just relax. You may ask what you can do when you take a trip to this beautiful location. Well, there are many things that continue to attract visitors. You can enjoy the beaches if you stay near the coast, splashing around in the surf with family and friends and people from all over the world. Or you can plan other activities, such as taking a boat down the Amazon River. That will certainly make a good story for anyone back home! You would see the environment up close and personal! And there are so many great places to eat and dance and have fun. There is something for everyone!

And so if this all sounds like something you would enjoy, then finding a place to

Nannai Beach Resort

The Nannai beach resort is great for family vacations but is also known as a perfect spot for luxury honeymoons in Brazil. They have boutique hotels with ocean front suites so you can over look the ocean on your wonderful nights of romance during your honeymoon. They have a 7-day honeymoon package that is perfect for newlyweds. The VIP honeymoon package comes with the Master Bungalow (the best in Brazil), all meals included with package, tours, transfers, and champagne upon your arrival there. Included is land and helicopter transfers round trip. The two-story honeymoon master bungalow over looks the oceanfront and is very large measuring 1300 square feet; it includes a gourmet kitchen, a home theatre system in the living room, a social bath, a Jacuzzi that is separated privately from the living room. You can choose to leave the balcony open and enjoy the breeze from outside or you can choose to close off the balcony and stay inside your swimming pool on windy days. The second story has a large king size bed, air conditioning

Brazil Tourist Visa

The documents: Ahead of applying for your visa, it will be best get every one of the documents ready, you will need:

* A US passport valid for, at the very least, 6 months beyond applicant’s stay in Brazil; ought to contain a minimum of one visa page.

* One particular 2×2 current, passport sized photograph made against a white background; computer photographs is not going to be accepted.

* two copies in the signed visa form

* Photocopy of applicant’s US driver’s license

* Proof of departure

* A copy with the US alien card in the event the applicant is not a United states citizen.

However, the specifications might vary greatly based on the consulate that services the city you reside in. For instance, people that reside within the Chicago jurisdiction will also need to have a sworn statement that the documents are truthful and people inside the Hartford consulate jurisdiction will need to have a signed letter of authorization. Similarly, a person from Chicago who intends to stay with his/her close friends when in Brazil will have to get an official invitation from his/her host.

The fees:

Info of Holidays in Brazil

Outdoor activities

For outdoor activities, particularly walking / hiking / trekking / climbing, mountain biking and kayaking, definitely the Atlantic Rainforest should be your choice. It offers countless historical trails, beautiful deserted and semi-deserted beaches, mangrove and restinga vegetation, rainforest covered mountains of up to 3.000 height meters (Mar /Mantiqueira range), charming rivers, waterfalls and pools, traditional communities and some colonial towns. Additionally, it is easy to access via the Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro international airport.


There are many cave areas in Brazil but in combination with rainforest, the Speleological Province Upper Ribeira / Paranapiacaba (Sao Paulo State), with its fantastic karst landscape and hundreds of limestone caves, is unique. Recommendation: Intervales and PETAR State Park.


Brazil has no Great Barrier Reef and is not a famous diving spot. However, the Fernando de Noronha island in Pernambuco and the dozens of shipwrecks around Ilhabela (Sao Paulo), might be worth a visit.

Wildlife Viewing

When you can stand the heat and the mosquitoes, the Pantanal is the place to be in order to watch, photograph and film animals in their natural habitat. Especially the dry season (winter) is

Must know about Historic Landmarks of Brazil

Landmark is the Rich Village of Black Gold, known as the Ouro Preto, Vila Rica do Ouro Preto to be exact, it’s history influencing it’s name from being once an old mining town. This wonderful city is located in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. It is famous for it’s spectacular structures. The city preserved it’s complex architecture, it’s churches and buildings with incredible detail and touches of gold. Til today it’s kept preserved with only little touches of modernized city life.

The city of Sao Joao del-Rei is also one of the historic cities located in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. It’s known for it’s many embellished cathedrals and churches. It is also known for it’s famous inhabitants from the past that had an impact in Brazil such as Brazil’s former president Tancredo Neves, their national hero Tiradentes, and the Brazilian cardinal Dom Lucas Moriera Neves.

Congonhas is also a historic town in Brazil, also located in the city of Minas Gerais. One of it’s most famous tours is to the vast sculpture set made by the most well known sculptor in Brazil during it’s colonial age, the Basilica. There you will

End a Trip to Brazil

When I was there, I stayed in a hostel called Walk on the Beach Hostel, which is by far the best hostel I ever stayed in. Why you ask? because of the amazing people the worked and stayed there! I’ll put it to you this way, the first night there, I met a group of 8 people. One was American, one was Swiss, a couple of Swedish, two Brazilians, an Australian and an Argentinian. We hit the clubs right away and the way the night ended was with all of us floating on Copacabana beach, watching the sun rise. How amazing is that?!? All of us became the best of friends instantly. We ended up traveling to the Iguazu falls, partied on the streets of Rio, relaxed in Florianopolis, explored the jungle in Manaus and celebrated the new years in the most incredible party the world over!

The true spectacle of the trip, however came on the last day. Trying to figure out a way to end this amazing trip, my new friends and I did the unthinkable and set Brazil off with a HUGE bang! We went Skydiving! I would never consider ending a trip such

Brazil Adventure

Brazilian Road Conditions

Visitors in Brazil should be aware of the fact that Brazil is a developing country and has a fair share of poorly maintained roads. Pot holes and bumpy surfaces are common in municipal areas. When travelers search for hotels during Brazil holidays, they should avoid driving at night outside of cities.


Although tourist have a low risk of becoming victims of violent crimes, they should still be aware of their surroundings. Pick pockets, thieves and muggers are common and usually prey on easy targets. Visitors should avoid areas at night, expensive jewelry and political events, which can become violent.

Brazil is a thrilling Latin American country that does not deserve the bad reputation that it gets. The country is full of extremes and potential. This should not deter travelers from visiting, however caution should be taken. Travelers can use the information from this guide to enjoy their Brazil holidays.

All Brazilian cities are endlessly fascinating and forever thronging with life and energy. It is, however, Sao Paulo that’s the country’s largest city, and a trip to this vibrant megalopolis must be among the most popular of all Brazil holidays.

Info about Hotel Accommodation in Brazil

Among the beautiful cities of Brazil are Sao Paulo, Manaus, Rio de Janeiro, Florianopolis, Recife, Galinhas, Natal, Buzios, Belem, and Brasilia, which is the capital city of Brazil. Brasilia is a true spectacle for its architectural buildings. However, each and every city has its own beauty.

Rio de Janeiro is the most well-known tourist destination in Brazil. During samba parade and carnival, Rio de Janeiro comes to life. Copacabana as well as Ipanema beaches are also popular vacation spots. There are a lot of white sand beaches in this place. Tourists from different parts of the world visit this place to witness the gorgeous pristine beaches and spectacular holidays and festivals. Although the white sand beaches are surrounded by residential areas, still you can find cheap hotel deals in the area. The customer service is very guest oriented and you can obtain world class facilities even though the hotels are of middle price.

During your stay in Rio de Janeiro for the festival, do not forget to see the Corcovado Mountain to discover the Statue of Christ. You can also visit Maracana Stadium, Sugar Loaf Mountain and journey on the Sepetiba bay. There are many tropical

Roundabout Route To Brazil

First, I had to go to the consulate nearest my principal residence, in Fort Lauderdale, which is why I went to the consulate in Miami. Applications are accepted by mail, but the turnaround time is at least one month, which was too long for this trip. So I made sure to show up at the consulate at the requisite hour – applications are accepted only between 10 a.m. and noon on weekdays – with my U.S. passport, a set of recent photos, a letter from my firm explaining the purpose of my trip and $161 in cash. I fed the cash into an ATM-like machine in the consulate lobby. The machine regurgitated a receipt, which completed the necessary paperwork.

After dropping off the papers, I then had to wait five days before returning to the consulate, precisely in the designated time period of 3-4 p.m. on a weekday, to pick up my passport with the newly affixed visa.

The entire process is a pain in the tuchas, a word which, while neither English nor Portuguese, is understood by speakers of both. It would be easy to blame the Brazilians for this inconvenience. It would also be wrong.

About Salvador Carnival Brazil

The best time to take Brazil vacations is Carnival! And the best place to enjoy Carnival is Salvador da Bahia, where anything goes. Carnival in Bahai is not a matter of nubile, scantily-clad women wearing feathers on top of floats like in Rio’s Carnival. It’s a matter of you doing your thing in the streets til you drop of exhaustion. Rio’s Carnival is less than a kilometer of grandstand-lined street Rua Marques de Sapucai but Bahia’s Carnival is kilometers and kilometers of streets packed with people, not to mention blocks and blocks of stands. Bahia’s Carnival has two parts: there is a parade consisting of trio electricos, which are semitrailors loaded with sound equipment with bands playing on top and also the barracas. The trios electricos parade moves slowly along two circuits, one near the city center from Campo Grande (Salvador’s central park) to the Praca Castro Alves; and the other circuit running from along the Ocean from Barra to Ondina. They are called trios because the first trio in 1950 was a 1929 Ford with two musicians and a driver. The trios are the base of the blocos, which are groups of paraders arrayed in similar getups

Charter For Cheap Flight to Brazil

The charter plane is more often than not taking vacationers to a beach resort or such-like. The passengers have paid for a vacation, but you only want the flight, right? The good news is charter companies hate empty seats and they often sell vacant seats for massive discounts.

I have in fact used a charter flight to Brazil and it only cost me $450 for a round trip. I was only going one-way, but still purchased the ticket as it was worth forfeiting the return flight (since then I have discovered an even cheaper way, but more on that later). The message then, is clear, when you are thinking of looking for a cheap Brazil flight, think charter, as it is a real opportunity to buy discounted tickets.

Here are some of the airports in Brazil which have regular charters from the USA and Europe (the airport code is in brackets).

Of course, Rio de Janeiro (GIG), but places on these flights are snapped up quickly, don’t dawdle.

Other airports to consider; Salvador (SSA), Florianopolis (FLN,) Joao Pessoa (JPA), Natal (NAT) , Recife (REC), Fortaleza (FOR).

Ultimate Surf Vacation

With so much competition sprouting up, many people have begun to ask the question — “What is the Ultimate Surf Vacation?”. To answer this query we set out to explore the options. First and foremost, the baseline requirement of course was the presence of world-class waves, solid consistency and variety for all levels and types of surfers. Next, we searched out spots which had something more to offer than just waves, as today’s high-end surf traveler is more demanding in terms of leisure options. Only a destination with access to other day time outdoor activities, as well as great nightlife and dining, is able to fit the bill these days. Finally, the resort needs to have high-end accommodations, as today’s surf travelers no longer are content with tents and hammocks. Luxury villas and amenities such as high-speed wireless internet, international phone lines, and direct beach access are crucial.

After much analysis and research, we are happy to report that in a crowded field of many, one surf resort stood out head and shoulders from the rest — NEXUS Surf in Florianopolis, Brazil.

Florianopolis is an enchanting island located just off Brazil’s southern coast. It is generally

Tour Brazil Without Problems

This depends on what you want to do. Also note that accommodation across Brazil as well as flights increase dramatically during Carnival.

Climate wise the main problem to worry about is rain. Taking southern Brazil out of the equation, temperatures very rarely go sub 15 degrees during the year. July, August and September are the dry months in the Amazon and the Pantanal regions and therefore the most popular with travellers. For those travelling to the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo, the weather is unpredictable and so it can rain at any point of the year, although it rarely gets cold.

Rio de Janeiro and Salvador are two of the most popular destinations for the nationwide celebrated carnival in Brazil. The two carnivals vary greatly with the Salvador carnival being more traditional than that of Rio de Janeiro. With this comes a big difference: Rio de Janeiro’s is celebrated in the streets and in the stadium while Salvador’s is only in the street, greatly affecting the price. General entrance tickets to the stadium cost upwards of US$ 70 and can reach over $500, even more if you want an allocated seat or box.

Brazil Vacation

Don’t go without checking the climate and holiday schedule.

Since Brazil is located in the Southern hemisphere, the seasons are the opposite times of year as those in the United States. Brazil’s summer runs from December 22 to March 21 and winter goes from June 22 to September 21. Since Brazil is so large, temperatures vary widely, especially during winter months. Rainy seasons are also at different times of the year. Besides the weather conditions, you will also want to check the holiday schedule. There are quite a few Brazilian holidays related to historical events or religious celebrations. You certainly don’t want to travel to Brazil when most things are closed or overly crowded.

Don’t act like an ugly foreigner.

The term “ugly” refers to your attitude. Don’t be ethnocentric. Respect the local culture. Participate in and learn from the traditional events and activities. Mingle with the people. Get to know some of them. It’s not that hard. Brazilians are very friendly and usually go out of their way to befriend strangers. Try learning a little Portuguese both before you depart and during your trip. Sure, you’ll make mistakes but you will also make friends.

Booking a Holiday in Brazil

1. This is only my opinion but Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful and spectacular cities in the world. If you have travelled across the world to this the city then visiting the Sugar Loaf Mountain (Pao de Acucar) is a must. This peak is very recogniseable and whenever you see it on TV you instantly know that you are viewing Rio. If you are a seasoned climber then good luck to you, I prefer the gass panelled cable car to reach the top.The Rio-Niteroi bridge is located across the Bayand an awesome place to view Sugar Loaf Mountain. If this is not enough to whet your appetite then how about indulging yourself in the stunning natural harbour and beautiful surroundings such as the world-famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema.

2. Iguacu Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil, is considered one the great natural wonders of South America. No matter how you choose to spell it you cannot help but be inspired these magnificent falls which change depending on whether it has rained or not. These impressive falls are bigger than the Niagra falls, spread for over 2 miles in the shape

All about Backpackers and Brazil

The main language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese, unlike the Spanish spoken in the rest of South America. If you take the time to learn a few key phrases in Portuguese, the people will be even friendlier as well as patient with the language barrier. You will need a visa to spend time in Brazil. For United States citizens, that will cost you $100 (free for Europeans!). You will also need about $35 a day to live on while in Brazil. Your best bet is not to visit during December through February, as this is summer in Brazil and prices tend to go up when the country goes on vacation. If you want to be in the country for Carnival, however, you’ll need to spend the extra money and travel to Brazil in the end of February.

One problem that Brazil tends to bring up for backpackers is the large distances between cities and regions. This is not a country that is easily seen on foot or even by bus or train. Most of the inner sites in Brazil require plane transport, and you can find some discount airlines that leave from some of the bigger cities

All Inclusive Vacation Packages

Here are a few ways that can help you get everything from your vacation while also saving:

• If possible, try to get a small room where your family can fit into. Getting a big room can eat up a big part of your budget and the money paid for the hotel rates could have been paid for more important things like food and transportation.
• Try traveling off season. Go to a place or a resort not during the holidays or the traveling season. You will find dozens of cheap accommodation deals. There are tons of advertisements set up by hotel chains just to attract guests during the off season. You can always call a travel agent to find out when the off season begins, or you can just surf the Internet for information regarding this.
• There are times when some days are cheaper and other days are not. Hotel rooms are usually cheaper during the weekdays compared to the weekends.
• Choose to stay in smaller hotels rather than in big hotel chains. Large hotels attract big clients so their prices may be a little higher compared to smaller hotels.
• If you have

Brazil Surf Camp

Much more than your run of the mill Brazil surf camp, Nexus takes things to the next level for its clients. Deluxe beachfront accommodations in private residences, expert surf instruction or guided surf tours (depending on ability level), private rental car, VIP nightlife tours, access to a number of outdoor adventure sport options, breakfast service, local cell phone use, and continual access to the expert and dedicated Nexus team, whose aim it is to make sure you have the best time possible while vacationing in Brazil.

Already featured in Riviera Magazine and in a case study by Stanford’s Graduate School of Business (Entrepeneurship Seminar), Nexus caters primarily to higher end, young professional clients who love to surf (or have a burning desire to learn to surf) but are not willing to sacrifice the other aspects which make a vacation special — excellent dining options, some of the world’s best nightlife, a mesmerizing culture, stunning natural beauty, high-end accommodations options, and the convenience and well thought out organization that such a traveler expects.

Testimonials of customers who have experienced Nexus’ Brazil surf holiday to date have been “three thumbs” up, and it’s no wonder why, as the

Guided Tours of Brazil

Most guided tours of Brazil begin in Rio de Janeiro, the largest city in Brazil. After getting you settled, your tour guide may begin by taking you on a spectacular two-stage cable car tour of the Sugar Loaf Mountain. At the top of the mountain, you’ll need to have your camera ready to take mountaintop pictures of Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana Beach and the lovely Guanabara Bay.

While still in Rio de Janeiro, many guided tours will take you to see the sights of the city, including a visit to the H. Stern Gem Factory the largest jewelry factory and store in the world. You may also visit the Corcovado Mountain, ascending the mountain by means of a cog railway. At the top, you’ll have a panoramic view of Rio de Janeiro from the site of the statue of Christ the Redeemer, sitting 2,300 feet above the city.

While in Rio de Janeiro, many guided tours will introduce you to traditional Brazilian cuisine, shopping areas, music venues and areas for further shopping and sightseeing on your own. Another common site for guided tours of Brazil is Foz do Iguar, the fourth largest city in Brazil, located